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Telling Tyler My Truth

I’ve hidden my mental illnesses from Tyler because he simply hasn’t been old enough to handle them. But yesterday when he teased me again about always wearing pajamas, I felt the time was right to tell him about my depression. … Continue reading

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For My Son on His 9th Birthday

If you would like to look back on some other birthday messages here is Tyler’s 8th birthday. Where did the year go? You’ve waited months, weeks and days and now your birthday is finally here! You got up early to … Continue reading

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Tuesdays With Tyler: “Shut Up”

The other day for no particular reason Tyler looked at me and said, “Shut up, Mommy.”  I was shocked at my three-year-old’s language.  Where had he learned that from?  We didn’t say “shut up” at home.  Was a teacher at … Continue reading

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