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My Disability Reconsideration Hearing is on Friday

Nearly three years to the day I applied for Social Security Disability, and 15 months after my initial hearing, my Reconsideration hearing is here.  When a person is denied at their initial hearing, one is allowed to appeal the decision.  … Continue reading

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The Appeal

I had news about my appeal the day after I was denied disability, but it has been difficult for me to write anything about this process, good or bad.  This rejection has really taken it’s toll on me and I’ve … Continue reading

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Disability: Denied

After waiting nearly five months for a decision on my disability trial, in yesterday’s mail I received an “unfavorable” decision.  I don’t know how well I will write about this because in my heart I felt that I would get … Continue reading

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My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. Prompt 1)  Have you decorated your Christmas tree?  Share a favorite Christmas ornament. I always feel a week behind during Christmastime!  My mother is coming in next week and we plan to get our … Continue reading

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