For My Cat’s 14th Birthday

Unlike the post where I wrote a eulogy about my cat, Rosie, I decided to celebrate her sister, Lizzie, on the occasion of her 14th birthday.  The number ’14’ may not be a significant birthday per se, but Lizzie is a bona fide senior citizen and each birthday is precious.  I got Lizzie and Rosie when they were six and a half weeks old, they still needed to be spoon-fed. Unlike friends, boyfriends and roommates, they were a constant in my life.  My first cats whom were all mine, as a grown-up woman.

You may not know that because of Lizzie and Rosie, I met my husband.  He was a writer for a cat magazine.  I wrote him and sent him pictures of my cats and I.  The rest is history.  A little over a year later he and his two cats moved to New Jersey to begin our blended family.

When Rosie died, I thought that Lizzie would soon die of grief over the loss of her sister.  But with the unpredictable nature common to a cat, Lizzie did not seem too upset.  In fact, she seemed to relish that my time with her was now unlimited; she did not have to share me with her sister.

Lizzie has always been great with kids, and she and Tyler love each other to death.  Lizzie is completely fascinated with everything Tyler.  Although she is fourteen years old, she is still quite playful, allowing Tyler to chase her around the house and play with her.  She enjoys story time with us.

When I told Tyler that today was Lizzie’s birthday, he got really excited, thinking there would be balloons, new toys and a cake.  I explained that Lizzie just wanted some extra quality time with us, but as a special gift to her I would write her her very own post.

I don’t want to think about when Lizzie’s passes.  All of us will be a mess, but I especially worry about Tyler losing his beloved kitty.  Some day we will give Tyler a kitty of his own whom I hope will bond with him, but there will never be another Lizzie for any of us.

A Pet Blessing

Dearest God, Heavenly Father

maker of all living creatures,

we ask you to bless Lizzie,

who brings so much joy into our lives.

By the power of Your love,

enable her to live according to your plan.

May we always praise You for all Your beauty in creation.

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

Blessed are You, God, in all Your creatures!

Lizzie laying in Tyler's baby quilt

Lizzie laying in Tyler's baby quilt.