Tuesdays With Tyler: Halloween at Tyler’s House!

I say Tyler’s house, because he has been the main thrust of our Halloween decorations.  I have collected plenty of decorations over the years but if there were no Tyler, neither Grant nor I would have been motivated to put them up.  So after a few days of “When are we going to put up the Halloween decorations, when are we going to put up the Halloween decorations?” last weekend, in a God-given parent burst of energy, Grant and I unearthed my collection.  There was only one problem.  “Where are the scary decorations?”

I did own a scary skeleton from my Beanie Baby collecting days!


I couldn't resist picking up this skeleton nutcracker from Target. The Haunted Movie Theatre is something I painted probably about 20 years ago!


This past weekend we went to Michaels because the outside of our home was still “not scary enough”.  I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were plus God bless their coupons!   One aisle got Tyler scared so badly he cried, “Let’s get out of here!”

Tyler's pick from Michaels: The super scary huge bat!


Also at Michaels we picked up this foam Haunted Tree House craft project.  As I was buying the foam glue I had my doubts.  I am craft challenged, you see.  But I have noticed that since Tyler was born, the “Mommy Craft” part of my brain has kicked into gear.  Somehow I have even become a better artist.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

Tyler and Mommy's special Halloween project! I am so proud of us!


I hoped you enjoyed seeing what our home looked like for Halloween.  With a lot of help from Tyler!