My Disability Reconsideration Hearing is on Friday

Nearly three years to the day I applied for Social Security Disability, and 15 months after my initial hearing, my Reconsideration hearing is here.  When a person is denied at their initial hearing, one is allowed to appeal the decision.  My lawyer wrote an appeal outlining the faults he found with the judge’s decision.  It then went to an independent employee of Social Security who found even more issues with her decision.

All total there were eleven issues raised and I was granted a Reconsideration hearing.  It is not considered a new hearing, but a “redo” of my initial hearing.  The judge must act like this is a completely new trial, like she has never seen me before and it is up to her to explain and prove her decision with all of the eleven points.

Sounds good, right?  However, in my research for this post I read that statistically only 20% of Reconsideration hearings result in a favorable decision.

I really wish I hadn’t seen that.

Although since my hearing last summer, a lot of new evidence has been entered in, such as three trips to the ER for physical and mental problems, my in-patient stay, the loss of my part-time job…basically the loss of everything.

I am driving to Newark, NJ and Grant is going to meet me there.  We will travel Thursday, stay overnight in a hotel and then drive back after my hearing.

I probably will not be able to post about what happened until Saturday or Sunday at the earliest.  I dread the four hour and back drive, it is so taxing on my body and I anticipate being in a lot of pain, which is probably good for the hearing, I guess.  I also worry that my memory and concentration is so poor that I will be unable to represent myself properly, although that could work in my favor.

Your prayers, good thoughts, vibes, etc., are appreciated.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Record