My First Friday Fragments!

I am linking up for the first time ever over at Mrs.4444’s Half-Past Kissin’ Time’s Friday Fragments!
“Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard,” instructs Mrs.4444.  This should be easy since my whole brain is a bunch of fragments!  Okay, here goes…

Home Alone Kitty

On Monday morning, our next door neighbors, whom we know nothing about, including how many people live in the apartment or what their relationships are, knocked on our door, key in hand.  “Could you watch our cat?”  They were going on vacation for four days!  The dyed-in-the-catnip cat lover in me said to Grant, “How could they just do that?!  What if WE were on vacation?!  (O.k. we can’t afford to go on vacation, but how do they know that?)  What if they knocked at our door and we weren’t home??
I found it very odd, but Grant reminded me that not all people are kitty crazy like us and have statues of cats and floor to ceiling cat trees!  They don’t?
Each night, we have been visiting whom I started to call Home Alone Kitty.  They didn’t even tell us where anything was; food, should we scoop the poop?, do they want us to turn on the A/C?  HAK has mostly been hissing and trying to scratch us, she is scared to death.  Tyler still loves to see HAK every night.  Last night I made Grant give HAK one of our many cat toys because the cat is just living in a boring apartment.  We gave her an electric toy with a string with a ball on it, that moves all over the place.  It’s expensive but we have tons of toys as Grant is a professional Cat Writer.  It’s Friday night, no one has come by to pick up the key.  The saga of HAK continues.
The End of Young Love

Tyler graduated pre-school last week (I know, no pictures yet, sorry!) and along with the end of school was the end of Tyler’s relationship with his little girlfriend, Antara.  A few days ago Tyler said to me, “Mommy, I’m just sorry I never married Antara.”  Oh, my baby’s broken heart!  Antara was one of the most beautiful Indian girls I have ever seen.  The boy had good taste!  But I don’t think Antara’s mother wasn’t too happy with the two year relationship!  She never brought her to any of Tyler’s birthday parties or invited Tyler to hers.  Your child was only 2.5 and you were already telling her who she couldn’t go out with??  I feel so sorry for Tyler, I’m not sure he realizes yet that he will never see her again.
Thank God for Caller ID!
It seems like the only people who call me are my creditors.  That’s not entirely true but mostly. Seriously, at least 20 times a day from various creditors.  I’m sorry credit cards, I have to live and it’s got to be at your expense.  Believe me, it wasn’t my plan for my husband and I to become sick. Believe me, creditors I’d rather have not trashed my nearly perfect credit card rating, but you can’t get blood from a stone, so you might as well stop calling me. I’d really like it if every once in a while a friend would call me, sigh.
No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk
Are we the only family in this world that has at least one major drink spill a day?  No matter where I put it, in our living room; on the floor right by Tyler so he could have a snack while watching t.v., on my end tables!  Every day without fail, no matter where, a least one drink spills in our home.  Either that or one of us winds up putting our feet in the cat’s water bowls. Or usually it is the very last of the orange juice. It has started to become the family joke in our home.  I mean, you could get mad twice a day or laugh over it, right?
I Could Eat a Horse…not Exactly

A few nights ago, Tyler told me that he was so tired he could eat a horse!  I looked at him and he said, “It’s just an expression, Mommy.”  Okay, I hope you have enough energy to eat that horse!
Well that’s my first Friday Fragments.  I hope my regular followers all enjoyed and I look forward to meeting new bloggers!  Sorry about some of the formatting issues, I could use some help on that!
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