Tyler at the Pediatrician

We took Tyler to the pediatrician for his ears today and the doctor said they looked great.  No infection, no water or fluid, totally fine.  She said that sometimes normal things to us can sound very strange to children, such as an occasional ringing of the ears.  Tyler is already focused on his ears from the hearing test he has already gone through and she says that we should not ask him about his ears any more, even if he touches them.  That if he is in pain, he will tell us and we don’t want him making up things that he thinks we want to hear.

I still feel…uncomfortable about it.  I wish we didn’t have to wait over six more months for Tyler to get the hearing test with the headphones to find out if he really does have a hearing loss in one of his ears.  Who can help but focus on it?  Today alone there were two incidences where he was panicked from hearing a sound; a car alarm and our neighbor’s child upstairs practicing his drums.  He gets this look in his eyes of panic and then he runs to us crying, or is just silent, in shock with fear.  Six more months to find out whether he is losing his hearing, since some sounds are too loud to people losing their hearing, or if he is just super-sensitive to sounds, with the hope that he will outgrow it.

We also talked to the pediatrician about potty training and diaper changing.  Tyler, ever since he was born has struggled with being changed.  At times he has kicked or hit Grant or I, or even sometimes my mother or Francesca. It’s bad for everyone, but especially me, because I can get injured easily.  I keep hoping this will soon be a thing of the past, but he has been so stubborn with potty training.  Other than that, Tyler is extremely loving and affectionate with us, he just has always hated to be kept down, he hated swaddling even, and he’s needed three nurses to hold him down for bloodwork at the age of two!

The doctor said that, although she’s not suggesting there’s a problem at all with him, that it may be helpful for us to see a child psychologist for some techniques to deal with him.  But then I think, Talk about not wanting to focus on something!  Let’s have him focus on his mental state, why don’t we?  We’ve had a case of hyperblinking from stress in April and May, which although gone, he still talks about, now we have him worried about his ears, and now let’s take him to see a psychologist? To me, it just seems that Tyler will be feeling there is yet another thing that is not normal about him.

He’s not even three yet, should we be this worried about the diaper/potty training issues when otherwise he is normal?  This time, hopefully with Grant’s agreement, right now I’m going to trust my gut, and not pursue this.

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