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Pissy Patti, The Party Pooper

I am one of 4 girls and the youngest to boot. My oldest sister has lived in another state for several years so it was a grand thing to have her move back home. We would finally get to spend Christmas together.Except by the time Christmas got here we were all so fed up with her attitude and behavior it was nearly more then we could stand. She is without a doubt the most gossipy judgmental person I have ever met. So many times we have bitten our tongues for mom’s sake to avoid causing any more drama then she already does. Christmas Eve was just the icing on the cake for many of us.

After a season of her following mom around wherever she went, when my sister was not at work, Mom had had just about enough. If mom went shopping the sister went too. Not to shop mind you but to snarl her nose up at things mom attempted to find for her for Christmas, and then comment on how much she was spending on every one else. If mom got someone another present my sister was quick to point out that would make the gifts uneven, if mom bought it anyway she would literally complain all the way back at how much mom spent on others. I. mean. everything.

Now keep in mind my mother is providing her a home, she is not helping with any bills, yet she is constantly complaining about electric bills, water bills, gas in the car, none of which is costing my sister a DIME. She would try to tell mom when to go to bed, when to eat, when to go the whole 9 yards. What she doesn’t understand is the more she does that to mom, the more mom is determined to spend more. Just to spite her.

So Christmas Eve comes and we are all at Mom’s house and the Grumpy Gus sister is doing her utmost best to make everyone miserable. She refuses to crack a smile. She tries to make mom do things. She is getting snippy with my kids, so they left and came back home ( across the driveway). She complained about the noise, the mess, the general idea of ANYONE having any sort of fun. When it came time to open gifts she was right behind everyone, except my kids cause she was too busy blocking them from getting theirs.

Now my mom had gotten my youngest son a point card for the Wii and it was not under the tree. When my son became upset because he opened his package and only had pjs she kept shooting him dirty looks and telling him how ungrateful he was. That he was too old to act like that and too big for toys. Now my son is only 11 so no he is not too old for toys, and secondly mom had already told him she had him a toy type thing for Christmas. She had already succeeded in running my middle son off because she kept blocking him from getting to his gift that was being handed out, he asked her 3 times politely to move so he could retrieve it, and the person handing it out could not see him behind her and was hollering over and over for him.

Finally when my son said, ” Aunt Grumpy you are kinda in my way and would you please move?” She got in a tizzy. Never mind that 3 people were trying to tell her and mom that he had already asked 3 times before that, she heard that and complained to mom like a 3 yr old that he had been rude to her. Let’s overlook that she had been anything but kind to him the whole night. She had made smart remarks about his plate, what he was eating, wearing and how he was playing too loud with the little ones. That caused mom to get mad at him, because Grumpy made sure mom didn’t hear everyone else saying he had already asked 3 times and she had ignored him and that if she heard him say that then she had heard him before and just was rude and refused to move. So he got his package and came home.

She waited to open her gifts till everyone else was done and she could not even SMILE. It was like her face would crack if she did. Not even a THANK YOU to anyone. I had finally had my fill..

I said, ” Ya know considering you didn’t raise your kids you sure have plenty to say to us about ours and how rude they are. Well from were I am sitting you are ruder then they ever thought about being. If you can’t even be civil and ACT like something is nice then I won’t make the mistake of getting you something again!”

Her response, ” Well when you spend so many years of Christmas alone you just don’t get excited about it. It’s more junk I won’t use. I just have gotten used to opening it alone and tossing it to the side cause no one is there to share it with so why bother.”

I ALMOST felt sorry for her then I said, ” Well YOU chose to live so far away, so being alone is on you. Even if YOU don’t like Christmas WE do and it would be ever so nice if you could PLAY nice instead of taking notes about what everyone has done or said so you can talk about us to everyone else the way you always do.. Oh but wait you don’t gossip.. Riiiighhtt”

I swear if I had had my hands on some coal she would have gotten it ASAP!

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