A Song With Significance

Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.


Prompt 5.) A song with significance.

The following is written tongue and cheek.  I have no plans to hurt myself, nor do I wish to offend anyone.

I think that if I lived my teens and twenties in the 1970’s, I never would have made it out alive.  All those loves songs and sappy lyrics that when you are suffering from a broken heart make you feel that they wrote the song just for YOU and you wallow in their sadness.

America, The Carpenters (oh, please!) and Bread, oh, no, not Bread!

Yes, Bread. Here is a little “taste” of what I call “Lyrics to Kill Yourself By”: (and you thought you had to worry about Ozzy Osbourne?)

Everything I Own

You sheltered me from harm.

Kept me warm, kept me warm

You gave my life to me

Set me free, set me free

The finest years I ever knew

Were all the years I had with you

I would give anything I own,

Give up me life, my heart, my home.

I would give everything I own,

Just to have you back again.

You taught me how to love,

What it’s of, what it’s of.

You never said too much,

But still you showed the way,

And I knew from watching you.

Nobody else could ever know

The part of me that can’t let go.

I would give anything I own,

Give up me life, my heart, my home.

I would give everything I own

Just to have you back again.

Just to touch you once again.

Can you feel my pain?

I know a lot about love songs because I used to be an on-air radio personality and used to play a lot of them.  And sometimes I would be working odd hours where I was all alone and the water works would come.  “Oh, “Steve”, why can’t it be me? Why? Why?”

You get my drift.

The song with the most significance to me is a lesser known song by Chicago, that was popular on the Adult Contemporary Charts in the early 90’s.  And I had to play it, a lot.

Ready for some torture?

You Come to My Senses (with my commentary in italics)

(Okay, yes, I’m a girl and my love is a guy, not like the song says, but it’s still the perfect fit)

I picture you on the beach

Lying in the sand

Out of reach of my trembling hands

I picture you in the car

Blonde hair in the wind

I picture you in my arms

And the touch of your skin

The smile on your face

The way that you taste

(Alright, so we were never on the beach together, and he didn’t have blonde hair that blew in the wind, but so what?)


You come to my senses

Every time I close my eyes

I have no defenses

Driving home in the cold

January rain

I’ve got to find my way out of this pain

(Ohhhh, we broke up in the winter time, and “Larry”, it’s been so long and I can’t find my way out of THIS PAIN!)

I reached for you in the night

I dreamed of your kiss

I woke before it got light

With your name on m lips

Alone in my bed

Your voice in my head

(Oh, Larry, I cry myself to sleep every night, missing you next to me, I dream of you, and then when I wake up in the morning I cry some more because you really weren’t there!)


Oh, oh, oh, I picture you in my arms

And the touch of your skin

The smile on your face

The way that you taste

(You are in my every waking, sleeping, breathing thought, Larry!  Larry, come back to me, I love you more than she ever will!”

You come to my senses

I can’t stop this ache inside

Oh, I have no defenses

You come to my senses


(you get the idea)

And then I would have to dry my tears, blow my nose and come on they air and in a nice soothing voice say, “It’s Chicago, You Come to My Senses, on Happy, 103.1 FM)

I used to tell Larry how I would cry about him during all of the love songs, because we always remained good friends, (even worse!)  and he used to say, “You, you’re alone too much.  You’re working nights and you’re listening to all these songs and they’re driving you crazy!  You…you need to get some cats or something.”

And so I did.

And after a WHILE, it got better, and now I’m happily married with a child….and, you know the rest.

But whenever I hear that song, which is now pretty rare, I still tear up.


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