Tuesdays With Tyler: Halloween!

For the first time ever, I’d be willing to bet, school was closed on Halloween.  Due to the storm, some schools still didn’t have power and roads were still closed.  I’d also bet that it was the first time the school’s Halloween parade was cancelled on account of the snow!

Because of the sidewalk conditions, Grant and I decided to take Tyler trick or treating at a really nice mall about 35 minutes from us.  It was the best decision I have ever made about what to do about the problem of Halloween.  I can’t walk from house to house, so I used to drive alongside Grant and Tyler while they trick or treated.  Going to the mall, we got a wheelchair, and I was able to take part in everything!  I highly recommend this option if you are unable to walk any kind of distance.

If you’ve been keeping up with us, your memory is correct.  This is the THIRD year in a row that Tyler has gone as Spider-Man for Halloween!

Working out for Tyler to get into his Spider-Man costume has obviously paid off. Check out those muscles!


Weary of trick or treating, Tyler blew off some steam at a cute little indoor play park, free of charge that he is almost too big for.

I had to bribe Tyler that if he went to the play park he would have to take a picture with Mommy. Whatever it takes!


Even Superheroes Have to Eat


Luckily Tyler is a reasonable Trick or Treater and he didn’t want to stay at the mall more than a couple of hours. He got plenty of candy anyway!

Grant and Tyler examining the "loot"!


You can’t miss what you’ve never experienced, so Tyler really didn’t care that he missed the big Halloween parade at school.  He was happy with all the candy he got.  Now if I can only stay away from eating it…

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Emily Cullen is a pen-name. I suffer from chronic illnesses and diseases which include Bipolar Disorder, Asthma, Diabetes and Fibromyalgia. I had battled Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis but there is no longer evidence of me having these diseases and my Rheumatologist has declared them to be "burnt out" of my system. I am separated from my husband, “Grant”. Our son, “Tyler” was born in September of 2006 and suffers from tics and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and is delayed in fine and gross motor skills. In my blog I seek to let sick moms know that they are not the only ones going through this, and to educate people about what can happens when one becomes catastrophically ill. I also strive to break down stereotypes of what a “Welfare Mom” is like. Anything that I have gone through due to being sick, is written on the pages of Mama Sick.
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6 Responses to Tuesdays With Tyler: Halloween!

  1. Shannon says:

    Awww, he’s adorable! Spiderman must be his most favorite super hero. That’s awesome that you got to participate this year too.

    As for the candy thing, bah! it’s one a year. Indulge a bit and forgive yourself for it later. I know I’m gonna! Hubs is going to the store to buy up the Halloween candy that will now be on sale. 😀 muahaha
    Shannon´s last blog post ..At Arm’s Length

  2. SickMomma says:

    We have trick-or-treated at the mall every year since Ellie was old enough to trick or treat! I love the fact that it’s temperature/weather-controlled so my kid who loves wearing these princess dresses with spaghetti straps doesn’t have to cover up with a coat. Plus, here in Oregon, it’s almost always raining for Halloween and most of the streets by our house don’t have sidewalks.

    I almost never make it to the mall except for this annual excursion, so I shop a little at the same time, finding clearance sales racks. I’m always surprised, though, when a kid-focused store doesn’t give something out for Halloween. I love the fact that a lot of the stores give out stickers instead of candy; and some, like the Disney store, give out something promotional (hey, it had a pic of E’s favorite fairy on it, so she was just thrilled even though it was just a postcard advertising a new tv series!). This year, the Gymboree store didn’t give anything out, adn I guess I was tired and had lost my filter because I said aloud, “Bummer! That means I don’t have any incentive to shop here!” And it’s true, I turned around and headed back out without ever making it to the cute outfit I’d spotted from the door! 🙂

    Anyway, I’m glad you were able to enjoy this Halloween! And I encourage you to do the mall next year too! 🙂
    SickMomma´s last blog post ..Jumping On The November Blogging Merry-Go-Round

  3. Mrs4444 says:

    What a cutie.

    Kyle was a ninja for at least three years 🙂
    Mrs4444´s last blog post ..Friday Fragments, Episode #170

  4. He’s too cute and it sounds like it was the perfect Halloween this year with all of you being able to share it side by side! :>
    Karen @ Time Crafted´s last blog post ..{ MAGIC }

  5. We went trick-or-treating at a mall too and the littles loved it. Happy SITS day!
    Alma Olivares´s last blog post ..The Evil Toddler has a Birthday

  6. Hanna Ross says:

    Superman outfit for Tyler is perfect for Halloween. He is so cute.:)
    Hanna Ross´s last blog post ..Boost up you Ejaculation Volume Naturally

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