New Year’s Resolutions???

Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

5.  What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 and how did 2011’s resolutions work out?

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I usually don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I just don’t go in for that type of thing, no offense.  I guess I feel like anytime is the right time to get inspired.

As some one who is chronically ill, I have already had to give up a number of things in my life.  Smoking?  Well I never did that, and most people who are chronically ill have had to give up alcohol because of their medications (which sucks because I really did like a nice glass of wine…or half a bottle).

My weight?  It is ruled by my illnesses.  Last year I gained weight as though I was an aspiring football player trying to get big enough to make the team.  Now I am losing weight because of the depression I am currently in.

There are a lot of things out your control when you are chronically ill.  You are always trying to get as well as you can, that is an ongoing resolution.

But this year I am going to try to make some resolutions that I hope to live by:

1.  To stop thinking that I am the worst mother in the world because I am sick.  That is a vicious cycle that doesn’t do anyone any good.  I know my little boy loves me just because I am his mom and that I try to show to him every day that he means the world to me.

2.  To cut myself some slack, to give myself a break.  I am sick and if I need to stay in bed and read or need extra rest or sleep then I should do it.  I should not feel badly if I need to.  (That is not to say I should wallow in my sicknesses, I need to do what I can to get myself as healthy as I can be)  I just need to recognize when I am feeling under my usual level of crap.

3.  To have a realistic “to do” list for myself.  Perhaps to set the bar low at first and work my way upwards.

4.  To stop worrying about things that are out of my control.  That right now my lawyer is working on appealing my disability decision  and there is nothing I can do about it.  It’s going to take as long as it takes.  To know that I am truly deserving of receiving disability.

5.  To let go and let God.  To have faith that He loves me and hears me.  To realize that He has always taken care of me and that He always will.

6.  To be grateful for the two people in life that love me the most in this world, no matter how sick I am;  my husband and my son.  To recognize that we are each others’ best friends.

If you are one of my regular readers, may you find peace in these resolutions and feel free to take some of mine. If you stopped over from Mama Kat’s, then mostly likely you are a healthy person.  But I think that you too can take something away from what I resolve to do this year. How many resolutions did you make for 2012?   Are they realistic or are they actually too much for you? You are a busy mother, whether you are working outside the home, or staying at home with the kids.  Perhaps you too need to cut yourself some slack and realize that you don’t have to be SUPER MOM.  Look at what you are already doing and now you have resolved to make yourself even BUSIER? Perhaps you might want to lower your bar and resolve to be the very best mother, husband, friend, daughter and professional you can be.  And if you truly feel that you already are, you might want to rethink some of those resolutions.

Here’s to a realistic 2012 for all of us!

(Oh yeah, I can’t have champagne, dammit!)


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