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From the Prep to the Results

If you are a bit squeamish, you may want to skip The Prep part! My gastroenterologist moved over to the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic and it turned out I was abled to be scheduled for an endoscopy/colonscopy on … Continue reading

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Doctor’s Visit and Blood Test Results

Linking up with Being Fibro Mom‘s Chronic Friday Linkup If you have been a regular reader you will know that I’ve been experiencing nausea and a low grade fever since last September with no doctor being able to tell me … Continue reading

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Burnt Out!

The other week I went to my new Rheumatologist. After three tries at the Cleveland Clinic, I have finally found a Rheum whom I love! He questioned my Lyme Disease diagnosis,` and I have an appointment with an Infectious Disease … Continue reading

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I Went to the Cleveland Clinic’s E.R. and All I Got Was Slipper Socks

We had a wonderful Halloween, delayed a couple of days due to Hurricane Sandy.  For the first time since Tyler has been trick-or-treating I was well enough to walk with him, after either being pushed by Grant in a wheelchair … Continue reading

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