A Kitty Wedding Proposal

Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

3.  Married?  Tell us how the question was popped.

The story of how Grant and I met is so unique it was written about in different countries.  We have told it so many times, one day Grant told a shocked guest at our table at a wedding, “I-I can’t do it any more.  Honey, tell her how we met!”

Although this prompt is about how we got engaged, you do have to know how we met in order to understand the proposal.

I had just turned 30, the “before Grant love of my life” had gotten married a few months earlier and the last two guys I dated both left me to move to Florida.  Did I mention I had met them both at car washes?  Weird.

In a December of 1999 issue of the now defunct Cats Magazine I read a humor piece about a man who thought himself a good prospect for dating and marriage because he was a nice guy with two cats, but instead all he had were dating disasters.  Having nothing to lose I wrote that man, sent him a picture of me with my little cousins so he knew how good I was with children and also included a picture of my cats.  I remember my friend sighing, “Do you really think he’s going to call you, Emily?”  “Yes, I do.”

And he did.

And so here we are, just having our ninth wedding anniversary last week.

Now back to the proposal.  I knew that we were getting engaged.  I had picked out the ring, but the surprise would be when and how.  I knew Grant would have to involve all of our four kitties but was baffled by how he would do it.  Cats aren’t like dogs where you could just strap a ring on them and have them come when you call them.

Some of the cats (mine) came to me when I got home.  Some of the cats (his) couldn’t care less.  One day in April of 2002 which I swore I would never forget, but have forgotten which day, I came home from work.  My cat Rosie always ran to the door first.  She has a little hat on her head which said, “Will”.  Lizzie always quickly followed Rosie when I came home and she had a hat that said, “You”.  Spanky never cared if I came home but she was in the living room with a “Marry” hat on.  Scotty just plain hated me and was so angry at the indignity and part she was forced to play in this proposal that she was hiding.  We had to find her and did in one of her usual hiding places in the closet and she had the “Me” hat on.

I have to admit, after that my memory is somewhat blank.  I have a shadowy memory of Grant getting on one knee and me saying yes, but it is the kitty proposal that I will never forget!


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