Follow-ups at the PCP and Pulmonologist

I had been out of the hospital for two weeks when I went to see my pulmonologist. I was still on the oxygen. A technician took me off the oxygen at my appointment and we waited for a few minutes to see how I would do and I was taking in air normally. Then we went for a walk without the oxygen and I did well with that too. The pulmonologist came in and he told me I was doing well but he still wanted me on the oxygen at night since most people don’t get as much oxygen at night anyway.

He wanted to see me again in six weeks when I would be given a 45 minute breathing evaluation and he would tell me the results right afterwards. I have a daily inhaler that I use along with a rescue inhaler. I wonder if those things are forever or if I won’t need them anymore. Meanwhile I am still self-paying for my oxygen. Every attempt to appeal that has been turned down.

While I was in the hospital my blood sugar was crazy high. That can happen when you’re sick or are being given steroids but as I got off the steroids and was getting better my blood sugar was still high. They were testing my blood sugar every day and giving me insulin. On the last day of my hospital stay they tested my A1C and it was over 7. When the number is over a 6.5 the diagnosis is diabetes.

I had diabetes when I was pregnant with Tyler which puts you at a higher risk for diabetes later in life, plus diabetes runs on both sides of my family. I was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and had to test my blood sugar and go on medication (pills) and then for a while they told me I did not have diabetes any more. But weight gain will get you back up into that range.

My PCP prescribed a meter, test strips, medication, etc. and I have an upcoming appointment with a Diabetes Educator. I haven’t been too good watching my sweets (Easter was a killer!) thinking that when I start testing it will be easier to keep from cheating. I feel really down about it. The fact that I can never have candy or ice cream again is depressing. I am already restricted enough on the gluten-free diet. The only thing I do look forward to is that with no sweets, eating the right foods and portion control I will lose weight and that will make me feel better about myself. I read about all the complications you can have from diabetes (heart problems, stroke, amputation, blindness, etc.) and I know I will stick to my diet. Now there is no more Easter candy in my house so it should definitely be better.

So appointments to the pulmonologist and Diabetes Educator are coming up. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading!

Way too much temptation!


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