Cancer Scare For My Husband

For a while Grant had been complaining of pain in his torso, front and back.  His CAT scan revealed three healed broken ribs, which he most probably got from coughing due to his asthma…and some “spots” on his lungs.

This was about a week and a half ago.  You try not to think about it, it can be a million things, but your mind keeps saying, “It’s cancer, I have lung cancer.” Cancer. Cancer. Cancer.  You just can’t help going there.

With Grant’s mental illness, he is taking it harder than the “normal” person would, and it hasn’t been so great for me either.  There were some days he did not want me to leave him alone.  There are some days that with everything else going on I want to curl up in to the fetal position.

Because the CAT scan did not focus on his lungs, he went in yesterday for another one.  He was so freaked out that he drove to the radiologist’s office today to read the report.

And it is inconclusive.  And now they recommend that he sees a Pulmonologist.

The report says that in addition to cancer other conditions and illnesses must be considered including “Military tuberculosis, fungus or viral infection, vasculitis, sarcoidosis, silicosis, and hypersensitivity pnuemonitis.”

I don’t know what all of those things are yet, but I am hoping for one of those, or one of the things they have not included. Please hope with me.  Thank you.

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  1. My heart goes out to you both. In my experience, though, many of the tests are done simply because they can do them–It’s usually nothing. Keeping fingers crossed for your hubs…