Wearing the Latest in Monster Fashion

Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

Prompt #5 Halloween is coming! Show us what your kids will be wearing.

When I saw this week’s prompts I knew immediately this was the one for me.  Any excuse to have his costume on and Tyler is there!  He even helped me with the poses!

After three years in a row of being Spider-Man (Red Spider-Man, Black Spider-Man, and then Red Spider-Man again) we have now branched out in a big way to…

The Werewolf!

This year Tyler has gotten into “scary” and “spooky”.  After mulling over a Skeleton, and thinking for a couple of months that he wanted to be a Mummy (glad I didn’t buy the costume early!), Tyler finally decided on the Werewolf.

Wearing ripped up jeans and showing off his hairy arms, Tyler really works the Werewolf look.

When I told Tyler that his Werewolf blog will be up today he said, “I’ll bet they will be scared!”

We’ve already been to one community Halloween party, have another one on Saturday and then there is the Halloween parade at school and Halloween itself.

That’s a whole lotta Werewolf.

It’s always fun to think back to Tyler’s costumes throughout the years and to wonder what he will want to be next year.

I’m pretty sure he will want to be some sort of monster.


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  1. Is it wrong that my husband and I tend to guide the kids to the costumes we can afford? This year, being unemployed still, when they said “Sonic and Sonic and Yoshi” (all awesome and in a less fiscally tight year I’d be all over that), we said, “Ninjas?” They fell for it, and now all I need are some black sweats and fabric scraps. Fun times. 🙂
    Bridget @ Le. Rheims´s last blog post ..Stuff Catholic Moms Say

  2. This is my first time to visit your blog. I think the costume looks great. Kids are so cute when they decide to be scary.
    I have never had a chronic disease, but I know someone who does. Still, I can’t even begin to truly imagine how hard your life has been…being separated from your hubby. If it is okay…and not to sound cliche, can I pray for you? I have this prayer journal where I set aside prayer time specifically to bloggers whom I don’t know, but who have something that is going on in their lives that is tough and I pray earnestly. Even if we never cross paths in the blogging world, I think your blog is so important to well or sick moms. Praying right now for today that you would have lots of laughter, strength and that you feel good.
    Dionne´s last blog post ..Little Superheroes & homemade costumes