My Name is Emily and I Have a Depressed Son

I have known this for a while, but how much can you write…right?

I will not talk about how Tyler has described his depression to me to a ‘T’ without saying “depression”. Let’s just say he told me that he is sad with life most of the time.  Depression runs big in Grant’s family and I have had on and off Situational Depression throughout my life.  I can see that Tyler’s depression is clinical, I mean it would have to be if he is already displaying signs and he is not even five-years-old, right?  Unfortunately, we still believe he is too young to be in therapy, nor do we have the money but when he goes to school in the fall, perhaps there are some free counseling sessions we can take advantage of.

This morning he came into my bedroom where I was checking my email, drinking my coffee, waiting for the nausea to subside, etc.  He said that the episode of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was really sad.  Mickey and the gang said they did not need Toodles any more and then…he started crying, like full blast waterworks over the show that is supposed to come from The Happiest Place on Earth.  I got up immediately to comfort him and I woke Grant.  I got my coffee and some tissues for Tyler and Grant sat with his arm around him and we all watched.  I assured him that there would be a happy ending and sure enough, all of the characters realized that Toodles was their friend and that he was more important than any “thing” in their lives, and that nothing was more important than friendship. By this time I was of course crying too.  And then we all got up and did “The Hot Dog Dance” with Mickey and pals and everyone here went about their business.  Me to blog, Grant to shower, and Tyler to watch Curious George where I pray that nothing depressing is going on in George’s life.

To see that emotion pour out of my son…at such a young age…it is just too much for me to bear.  I must have been at least 12 when I first started crying over movies and television.

Our lives so terrible, no resources, so sick, sometimes I wonder…what is the hope for this child?

This program should be outlawed!