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Holding My Son’s Hand

Tonight you sleep next to me because you spilled water all over your bed. You have trouble getting to sleep because something I have read to you has scared you.  It amazes me what actually scares you and what I … Continue reading

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My Mother and I, and The Ways We See Parenting

Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. 2.) Not your mother’s daughter…how do you parent differently than your mother did? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? When I saw this prompt, an overwhelming sense of dread came over me. … Continue reading

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Tuesdays With Tyler: Mother’s Day Weekend: Chronic Illness Style!

Mother’s Day weekend was kind of a mixed bag for me, of good, bad and ugly. My mother is here visiting until tomorrow and we both attended Tyler’s school for the annual Mother’s Day “Muffins With Mom”.  We were the … Continue reading

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Tuesdays With Tyler: Afternoon Out

On Saturday I felt well enough (finally!) to take Tyler to the mall for boots (finally!).  I didn’t think we’d be lucky enough to actually find boots this late in the season but I at least wanted to get his … Continue reading

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